J-Jay's began as a coffee shop with a healthy twist. As the ideas grew, so did the vision. we started to formulate our food and drinks and decided to start our meal service. After a great response and people hitting their health goals, we knew this was something great. With Covid striking, we started to formulate a way to hit our food far and wide - This is when we made the decision to take J-Jay's nationwide! Here we are, helping people live healthier with our high quality, affordable food.


We all live fast paced lives and face many obstacles that prevent us from looking after what should be our number one concern - our health. A major part of that number one concern is what we eat and drink. During our busy weeks, we have become heavily reliant on fast food which is usually unhealthy and lacking in nutrition. J-Jay's solve this by offering a full range of fresh, healthy meals ready for eating. Coupled with a growing website that is content and information packed that will undoubtedly benefit your health and wellbeing.  


Jay's on a mission....

Jay is 27 and the founder and Director of J-Jay's. Growing up in Wiltshire, he started work as a kitchen porter, and his enthusiasm for cooking and food was recognised. By the time he was 15, he was working with top class chefs.

Jay sparked the idea of opening his own place with the idea of offering healthier options than your usual food stop. What opened as a coffee and protein shop in Kingston-Upon-Hull, has grown into a company delivering fresh, healthy meals nationwide. From the opening day in July 2017 to the present day, the company has had to weather many storms, from changes in direction to the turmoil of the pandemic. But Jay has remained firm behind the helm, resolute in his belief that J-Jay's will become the market leader in supplying nutritious and healthy food to the nation and, coupled to a web site that will grow to be content driven with all manner of information on health and wellbeing. Jay still has to wear many hats on a daily basis but still spends many hours with the in-house chefs and cooks creating evermore nutritious meals, healthy cakes and concocting stunning drinks and shakes. Jay's mission is the company's mission that J-Jay's will help people live healthier.

Joshua-Jay (Jay) Liston

Founder & Director