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No need to arrange, prep or cook - Just heat and eat! 12 nutritionally packed meals delivered to your door to benefit a week of healthy eating!

Each day Averaging at 1000kcal

Benefits of J-Jay's Prepped Meals:

  • Improves productivity, focus and energy
  • Reduces stress and time
  • Helps achieve your goals
  • Feel better, look better and perform smarter
  • Supports fat loss

What's Included?

  • 12 Prepped Meals - 2 meals per day for 6 days
  • All nutritional information
  • Bar-codes included to scan into MyFitnessPal

What To Do To Complete Your Diet Plan?

  • First, you should find out the calorie intake for your health goal. You can either Click Here for Calculator.net Calorie Calculator or Click Here for MyFitnessPal with a step by step guidance on tracking a healthy diet.
  • Include your J-Jay's meals into your plan and build your remaining calories with other meals and snacks. This will include breakfast, snacks and any additional meals you may need.


You will receive 12 meals Listed Here. If you would like to select some meals of your own, please check out the available meals on our Prepped Meal section and leave a note at the checkout.

We will offer different Specials each week for variation and aim to alternate Specials on a Friday evening. **Please note that Specials change on a weekly basis so if you've selected a Special and it has changed before your order is dispatched then we will dispatch an alternative**