Our Meals Are Packing A Punch With Their New Packaging!!

After months of research, formulating the best packaging to keep our meals fresh, avoid adding any of the bad stuff and of course making them sexier - we have finally discovered the answer!

What Is different about our packaging?

Instead of using the plain, old, plastic containers we used before that didn't allow us to have a complete air-tight seal, we have now upped our game. Our coloured, plastic trays with the easy peel film lid, are far better in many ways!

Benefits of our packaging?

  • Around 35% Less Plastic - Something close to our hearts and something we have tried to tackle for a while. Although we aren't completely plastic free just yet, it is a big step in the right direction.
  • 100% Fully Recyclable - This is a very important part in J-Jay's culture. With the majority of our packaging in store being biodegradable - we continue to improve on our commitment to sustainability.
  • Improves Quality - Meals will now last 6-10 days in a chilled environment without effecting nutrients and with NO preservatives. We now use Modified Atmosphere Packaging, also referred to as MAP. This advanced packaging ensures product quality, freshness and longer shelf life. With this great technology, we protect the atmosphere inside your packaging, increasing product quality.
  • Coloured Trays - The colour means our trays are detectable by sorting machinery in recycling centres. Black and dark-coloured plastics are not unrecyclable, but they are often overlooked by infrared sorting technology in the waste stream, unless the plastic contains detectable black colourants. This means all black or dark trays could go straight to landfill and often does.
  • Less Wastage - Due to the MAP packing, it gives us a longer shelf which means less waste!
  • Sexy Look! - Oh yes, they're bringing sexy back!!

We are always striving to offer our customers the best of quality, affordable and sustainable product and this packaging is a huge leap forward for in our mission!

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