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Food & Drinks

Where are the meals produced?

How long will my meals last?

Do you accommodate Allergies/Intolerance's?

Are your meals fresh or frozen?

Is your food Halal?

What do I do if I'm not satisfied with my food?

Who cooks my food?

Can I Choose My Own Meals?


Can I recycle my packaging?


How much does delivery cost?

How do I change my delivery address before my next order?

What is considered local delivery?

What are my food and drinks delivered in?

I'm not going to be in when my delivery arrives, what shall I do?

When can I have a delivery?

What's the cut off times for Nationwide Delivery?


Where do I collect?

Brand Ambassadors

How much commission will I earn?


What payment options do you accept?

What to do if payment isn't going through?